Editing Functions.php

So you want to make changes to your theme’s functions.php file. Awesome.

Just a few warnings before you do that.

  1. Back up your files.
  2. No, really, back that ish up. This could break everything if you make a mistake here.
  3. Think about making a child theme to protect your original theme files and keep all of your edits separate.

You can edit your theme files either from your dashboard under Appearance > Editor, or by connecting to your site via FTP.

If you are making changes in the dashboard editor, be sure you have access to your site via FTP anyway. The editor can be pretty fussy, so an error here can completely break your site, leaving you with the white screen of death. If this happens, you can use that backed up file you made and upload it back to your site to get things working again.

But it’s probably easier and safer to just work with FTP. 🙂

Laurie M. Rauch

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